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Winter/Gel Pack
Vase & Foam
Fresh Dendrobium Orchid Haku Headband
Fresh Dendrobium Orchid Haku Wristlet
Fresh Dendrobium Orchid Haku Anklet
Fresh Song of India Lei
Kukui Nut, Ti Leaf and Shell Lei
Fresh Ti Leaf Single Strand Lei
Fresh Ti Leaf Double Strand Lei
Fresh Ti Leaf Maile Style Lei
Kukui Nut Lei
Fresh Single Dendrobium Orchid Lei
Fresh Double Dendrobium Orchid Lei
Fresh Deluxe Dendrobium Orchid Lei
Fresh Christina Style Orchid Lei
Red Anthurium Flower
Pink Anthurium Flower
Midori Anthurium Flower
Obake Anthurium Flower
White Anthurium Flower
Lady Jane Anthurium Flower
Purple Arc Anthurium Flower
Rainbow Obake Anthurium Flower
Red Anthurium Flowers - Dozen
Pink Anthurium Flowers - Dozen
Midori Anthurium Flowers - Dozen
Obake Anthurium Flowers - Dozen
White Anthurium Flowers - Dozen
Dendrobium Orchid Flower Spray - Single
Dendrobium Orchid Flower Spray Arrangements
Beehive Ginger
Bird of Paradise
Red Ginger
Torch Ginger
Wax Ginger
Tropic Fleur
Rose of Siam
Loose Orchids - 100
Loose Orchids - 1000
Anthurium Boutonniere
Anthurium Boutonniere Arc
1 Blossom Dendrobium Boutonniere
2 Blossom Dendrobium Orchid Corsage
3 Blossom Dendrobium Orchid Corsage
4 Blossom Dendrobium Orchid Corsage
5 Blossom Dendrobium Orchid Corsage
Fresh Dendrobium Orchid Corsages
King Protea
White Mink Protea
Banksia Protea
Assorted Ti Leaf
Monstera Leaf
Bamboo Orchid Foliage
Hala Leaf
Anthurium Foliage
Pink Paradise
Hawaiian Sunrise
Tropical Classic
Tropical Splendor
Pele's Delight
Tropical Sunset
Warm Hawaiian Nights
Tropical Heat
Fresh Butterfly Lei
Kika Cigar Flower Orange Lei
Fresh Pikki Lei
Fresh White Ginger Lei
Fresh Dendrobium Orchid and Tuberose Lei
Hybrid Gold Pincushion Protea
Hybrid Pincushion Protea
1 Oncidium Gower Ramsey Orchid Plant
1 Wild Cat Orchid Plant
2 Cattleya Orchid Plants
1 Oncidium Gower Ramsey Orchid Plant
2 Sharry Baby Orchid Plants
2 Wild Cat Orchid Plants
Fresh Micronesian Yap Lei
Fresh Fragrant Tuberose Lei
White Loose Orchids - 100
White Loose Orchids - 1000
Areca Palm
Banana Leaf
Barbers Pole
Bird Leaf
Calathea Leaf
Cardboard Palm
Croton Leaf
China Fan Palm
Fish Tail
Lauae Fern
Song of Jamacia/Inda
Tri Color Stalk
Indian Head Ginger
I Love Hawaii
3 Month Prepay Tropical Arrangement Package Includes Shipping
6 Month Prepay Tropical Arrangement Package Includes Shipping
12 Month Prepay Tropical Arrangement Package Includes Shipping
Custom Item
Single Plumeria Lei - set of 4 leis
Loose Plumeria Blossoms
Hearts On Fire
Hawaiian Kau Coffee 8oz
Hawaiian Kona Coffee 8oz
Hawaiian Puna Coffee 8oz
Flavored 100% Hawaiian Coffee 8oz
Hawaiian Mamaki Tea 2oz
Hawaiian Kookoolau Tea 8oz
Hawaiian Kau Coffee 1lb
Hawaiian Kona Coffee 1lb
Hawaiian Puna Coffee 1lb
Flavored 100% Hawaiian Coffee 1lb
Hawaiian Kau Green Coffee 1lb
Hawaiian Puna Green Coffee 1lb
Hawaiian Kona Green Coffee 1lb
Alani Orange Live Anthurium Plant
Anuenue Potted Anthurium Plant
Anuenue Special Potted Anthurium Plant
Purple Arc Potted Anthurium Plant
Hawaiian Buttterfly Potted Anthurium Plant
Kalapana Potted Anthurium Plant
Kozohara Potted Anthurium Plant
Lady Jane Potted Anthurium Plant
Lavendar Lady Potted Anthurium Plant
Mauna Kea Potted Anthurium Plant
Midori Potted Anthurium Plant
New Pahoa Potted Anthurium Plant
Oshiro Potted Anthurium Plant
Pele Potted Anthurium Plant
Tropic Fire Potted Anthurium Plant
Tropic Ice Potted Anthurium Plant
Tropic Mist Potted Anthurium Plant
Cascade Style Bridal Bouquet
French Style Bridal Bouquet
Red Carnation and White Tuberose Lei
White Orchid with Baby Pink Rose Lei
Green Orchids and Baby Red Roses Lei
Hanging Seashells Assortment - Hawaiian Gift
Hanging/Mobile Shells Assortment - Hawaiian Gift
Mobile/Hanging Seashells Assortment - Hawaiian Gift
Seashell Baskets Assortment - Large - Hawaiian Gift
Turtle Mirror w/ Seashells - Hawaiian Gift
Sun Mirror w/ Seashells Medium - Hawaiian Gift
Oval Mirror w/ Seashells Large - Hawaiian Gift
Rectangular Mirror w/ Seashells XL - Hawaiian Gift
Fresh Ilima and Tuberose lei
Scented Hawaiian Soaps
Scented Hawaiian Bath Salts
Kukui Nut, Ti Leaf and Small Shell Lei
Classic Hawaii Protea Bouquet
Fresh Protea Wreath
Cornucopia Holiday Protea Arrangement
Baby red rose with babys breath Hairpiece
Green Cymbidium Orchid Hairpiece
Triple White Orchid Hairpiece
Loose Green Cymbidium Orchid Blossoms
Hand Painted Kukui Nut Leis
Saturday Delivery
Hawaiian Elegance
Essence Of Hawaii
Double Green Orchid and Tuberose Lei
Men's Maile style Ti Leaf and Orchid Lei
Double Ilima and Tuberose Lei
Double Ilima Flower Lei
Double Purple Orchid and Tuberose Lei
Double Tuberose and Red Rose Lei
Fresh Purple Ginger Lei
Bird of Paradise Boutonniere
Enchanted Evening
Bird of Paradise Seeds
Bamboo Orchid Plant Starter
Small Shell Leis
Gourmet Barbeque and Chef's Hawaiian Gift Basket
Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals Soul of A Woman Spa Basket
Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals Soul and Stress Release Spa Basket
Fragrant Hawaiian Spa Gift Set
Weekly Prepay Tropical Arrangement Package (52 weeks) Includes Shipping
Bi-Weekly Prepay Tropical Arrangement Package (26 weeks) Includes Shipping
Monthly Prepay Tropical Arrangement Package (12 weeks) Includes Shipping
Bi-Monthly Prepay Tropical Arrangement Package Includes Shipping
6 Month Prepay Potted Anthurium Plants Includes Shipping
12 Month Prepay Potted Anthurium Plants Includes Shipping
Fresh Single Dendrobium Orchid Lei
Hand Painted Kukui Nut Leis
Kukui Nut Lei
Mixed Anthurium Flowers - Dozen
Alani Anthurium Flower
Green Ice
Pink Wristlet
Ultimate Hawaiian Breakfast Gift Basket
Ultimate Snack Hawaiian Gift Basket
Hawaiian Coffee Break Gift Basket
Hawaiian Floral Spa Gift Basket
Hawaiian Tea Gift Basket
Mini Hawaiian Spa Duo Gift Basket
NEW Hawaiian Easter Bunnies and Orchids
NEW Premium Hawaiian Easter Anthuriums