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Purchase Triple Strand Braided Rope Pikake Lei
  • Triple Strand Braided Rope Pikake Lei
    SKU: Triple-braided-rope-pikake-flower-lei

  • $117.00

  • The cooling pack will help keep your Leis cool during their travel during summer months and ensure your Leis arrives fresh. They are recommended when shipping an order from April to October. PLEASE NOTE: We can only guarantee flower and lei orders when a cooling pack/warming pack are added to the order during the recommended months.
  • Due to the fragile nature of this flower, this item cannot ship to: NJ,NY,FL,NC,SC, CT, ME,VT,NH,MA,RI,PA,VA,MD,DC,WV,GA,AL, DE,TN,KY,IA,IN,IL,MI,MN,NB,WI, MO,LA,AR,TX,MS,OK,KS,CO,OH,ID, SD,ND,MT,WY,NM,UT,AK

ONLY AVAILABLE LOCALLY IN HAWAII OR TO WEST COAST STATES AS OVERNIGHT DELIVERY!! This elegant triple strand braided rope pikake lei is made from small pearl like pikake flowers and possesses a wonderfully sweet scent. The small delicate pikake flowers are strung together in strands and then woven to make a large thicker lei resembling strands of pearls twisted together. A favorite flower among Hawaiian Princesses, the pikake lei is widely used as the traditional wedding lei in for the bride. It makes an elegant and classy statement!