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Fresh Hawaiian Leis

Hawaiian Leis

Fresh Hawaiian leis embody the spirit of Hawaii and its traditions which can be found at Aloha Hawaiian Flowers and Gifts. Give the gift of the Tropics to a loved one, family or friend - a fresh Hawaiian lei! Our hand-made Hawaiian leis made of orchids and other tropical flowers, such as the song of India, kukui nut, ti leaf and shells, exude the love, peace, prosperity, well wishes and genuine Hawaiian hospitality. We have a wide array of extraordinary Hawaiian leis to fit all occasions that are made fresh on the Big Island of Hawaii. Each Hawaiian lei is made to order. This ensures you receive the freshest lei of the highest quality.

Here at Aloha Hawaiian Flowers and Gifts, we're passionate about sharing the spirit of our islands through our beautiful Hawaiian leis. Our leis, steeped in tradition and symbolism, serve as a bridge between hearts, fostering connections that transcend distance. Our fresh flower leis are handcrafted with love, using only the freshest blooms sourced from the lush landscapes of Hawaii. Each flower is carefully chosen for its vibrant color and invigorating fragrance, ensuring that every lei we create is a feast for the senses. Embrace the Aloha spirit with our fresh Hawaiian leis, perfect for any occasion, from weddings and graduations to birthdays and gatherings, or just to express your love and appreciation. Our Hawaiian leis are the perfect touch of embrace and tradition.

Do not hesitate to contact our customer representatives for special requests or for large orders, such as graduations or weddings; and do not forget to check out our Hawaiian Wedding Flowers section for a wonderful selection of wedding leis, corsages and boutonnieres. We are happy to receive special requests for Unique Hawaiian Leis and Large Orders of Fresh Hawaiian Leis that may be entitled to a quantity discount.

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History of the Hawaiian Fresh Lei Custom

The lei custom was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands by early Polynesian voyagers, who sailed the vast oceans from Tahiti to Hawaii, navigating by the stars for thousands of miles in rugged sailing canoes. With these early visitors came our beautiful lei tradition.

Leis were originally constructed of flowers, leaves, shells, seeds, nuts and feathers, and often given as symbols of love in weddings, symbols of peace as early opposing chiefs and groups came together, and as symbols of beauty and Alii (royalty) in the case of Hawaiian hula dancers and Hawaiian royalty.

As the Hawaiian Islands became a popular tourist destination the lei quickly became the symbol of Hawaii to millions of visitors worldwide.

Before airline travel, visitors would arrive by ship, and it is said that departing visitors would throw their lei into the ocean as the ship passed Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach, in the hopes that, like the lei, they too would return to the islands again someday. Now we can send that Hawaiian Aloha custom to anyone, anywhere, anytime, with our beautiful handmade fresh Hawaiian leis made especially for you with the aloha spirit and traditions of the Hawaiian Islands.

To properly wear a lei, gently drape it over the shoulders halfway between the front and the back. It is perfectly proper to wear multiple leis and many graduates in Hawaii are often seen with many leis all at once as all of their loved ones shower them with the aloha of our islands in the form of beautiful fresh Hawaiian leis.

Call us today at 808-430-6272 or Email Us with any questions you may have or any assistance we may provide you in selecting that perfect lei for your special occasion!