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Purchase Hawaiian Splendor Bouquet
  • Hawaiian Splendor Bouquet
    SKU: Hawaiian_Splendor_Bouquet

  • $110.90

  • Due to the fragile nature of this flower, this item cannot ship to: HI

This extra large bouquet is simply beautiful with pinks, reds and baby banana fingers too! We love the foliage - this invokes the beauty and splendor of Hawaii! Includes: 3 Ginger
1 Banana
1 Loafa Pink Pick*3
2 Anthurium Red
2 Palm
3 Cordelyn
1 Alocasia S
1 Angloanema
2 Masajeana
1 Dieffenbachia
1 Pandanys Curly
2 Willow *all items subject to availability