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  • Banana Leaf
    SKU: banana-leaf

  • $5.15

  • Due to restrictions, this item cannot ship to: CA

Banana Leaf - please note, There is a box charge of $20.00 due to the large size of this item and we do not fold up the leaves. Up to Five (5) banana leaves fit in a box without any additional charge for weight, so the best bet here is to order 5 banana leaves. Whether you order 1 or 5, each leaf is $3.96 and there will be a box charge assessed of $20.00 for up to 5 leaves per box (so 10 leaves would be 2 box charges.) We do not want to fold or crease these beautiful large leaves, hence the large box! Please email us or call if you need further clarification.Mahalo for your understanding!  BANANA LEAF SIZES: Small is 3 foot tall and approximately 12 inches wide, Medium is 4 feet tall and approximately 26 inches wide, and large is 5 feet tall and 36 plus inches wide. Mahalo!